Waterford Press

Waterford Press Hummingbirds Booklet

Familiarize yourself with the intricacies of fascinating hummingbirds with the thorough and handy Waterford Press Hummingbirds Booklet. This densely packed, convenient reference manual is rife with critical information about these small and wondrous birds, with both sides of its six unfolding panels giving you a wealth of details to understand and attract them. Helpful illustrations and photos give context and clarity to written details in the booklet, providing you ways to modify your birding space to better attract and suit hummingbirds. Additional panels feature detailed drawings of a wide variety of hummingbird species, organized to include those found in North America as well as those found in South America to increase your overall expertise of these wonderful feathered friends. Written and placed in an easily readable fashion and presented in this sturdy, glossy booklet, this compact reference will surely increase both your knowledge and love of birds. Know the pertinent details regarding hummingbirds and their behaviors with this Hummingbirds Booklet. Made in the USA.

Authors: James Kavanagh, Raymond Leung
Details: 6 panels front and back, 8.25"L x 4"W
Publisher: Waterford Press