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Waterford Press Right Bird, Right House Booklet

Familiarize yourself with critical birding details and become an educated birding enthusiast with this Waterford Press Right Bird, Right House Booklet. This convenient booklet contains a wealth of valuable information about birds, and is organized in an intuitive and straightforward fashion so you can easily locate the facts you need. This glossy, full-color work sports eye-catching design while unfolding to reveal six panels full of information on both the front and back, giving you a dense set of helpful hints. A variety of photo references, along with handy illustrations and key facts provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, offer you the particular details you need as you undertake your birding efforts. The basics of different nesting structures and the needs of specific birds are included among the attractive panels, while hints on proper nesting setups for different regions and types of locations help tailor the facts to your own requirements. Additional details on how to deter predators and helpful imagery of beneficial bird house features round out this small but invaluable reference. Enjoy an abundance of easy to digest birding information with the nifty and appealing Right Bird, Right House Booklet. Made in the USA.

Note: A portion of proceeds from the sale of the All About Birds pocket guides supports the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's ongoing research and education programs.

Author: Robyn Bailey
Details: 6 panels front and back, 8.25"L x 4"W
Publisher: Waterford Press