Whitehall Products

Whitehall Acanthus Clock & Thermometer, French Bronze, 13.5"

Add a natural feel to your weather monitoring with the Whitehall Acanthus Clock and Thermometer. Decorative acanthus vines wind their way around the perimeter of the clock and thermometer for interest. A hammered finish gives depth to the instrument, while a lighter gold colored finish on the numerals and indicators helps them stand out. The large numbers on the clock and thermometer make readings easily visible from across a room or patio area, and the dark bronze finish adds an elegant feel. With a wide temperature range of -20° to 120° Fahrenheit, the thermometer will surely offer you an accurate reading any time of year. The rust-proof recycled aluminum casting and durable, weather-resistant finish ensure that this accent will complement your home or yard for years. The unit uses one included AA battery for power, and may be hung using the included mounting hook. Display the time and temperature in a lovely way with this Acanthus Clock and Thermometer. Made in the USA.

Temperature Range: -20° to 120° Fahrenheit
Dimensions: 13.5"L x 8"W x 1"D
Power: 1 AA battery (included)
Mounting: wall mount
Construction: recycled aluminum