Whitehall Products

Whitehall Aluminum Claddagh Sundial, French Bronze, 12" dia.

Bring lovely, Irish style to your garden using this Whitehall Aluminum Claddagh Sundial. Impressed scrolls in the center of this durable, aluminum dial bring fantastic shape to it, contrasted by the sleek gnomon. A claddagh figure, the symbol of love and loyalty, adorns the base of the piece, and a ring of numerals from 5 AM to 7 PM forms a traditional sundial face. The Irish phrase "May the sun shine gently on your shoulder, the wind be always at your back" arcs around the center adornment, perfectly unifying the elements. An overall, dark bronze hue adds a natural hint, and lighter bronze tones on the raised accents add visibility. The gnomon attaches to the center of the unit with ease, and when oriented celestial north, handily indicates the sun time. Rest this dial within your flowers, or attach it to a pedestal (not included) for wonderful elevation. Place a hint of the Emerald Isle in your yard with this Aluminum Claddagh Sundial. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 12" dia. x 3.5"H
Mounting: pedestal mount or place on flat surface
Construction: aluminum