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Whitehall Aluminum Dragonfly Sundial, Copper Verdi, 12" dia.

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Create a wetland scene in your yard using the Whitehall Aluminum Dragonfly Sundial. The intricate shapes, vivid detailing, and exciting color combination on this timepiece enliven your garden with ease. The 12" diameter, circular dial can rest on a pedestal (not included) or the ground, for drama in the yard. Dragonfly shapes adorn the dial, with numerals creating an exterior band. The phrase "Flying jewel how quick your flight reflect the passage of day to night" in relief sits beneath the numerals for added design. A dragonfly-shaped gnomon attaches to this disc, with extended legs and raised wings lending realism to the sculpture. The wings of the dragonfly are also functional, casting a shadow over the band of numerals to indicate the hour. The overall verdigris hue enhances your foliage, while copper colored accents on many of the recessed parts add an antique look. Made from aluminum, the dial will certainly withstand the elements for years of enjoyment. Add the wonders of nature to your yard with this Aluminum Dragonfly Sundial. Made in the USA.

Note: As the finish is hand applied, individual items may vary.

Dimensions: 12" dia. x 4.25"H overall
Mounting: place on flat surface or pedestal mount
Construction: aluminum