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Whitehall Aluminum Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath, Bronze

Add your love of fishing to your outdoor décor by placing this Whitehall French Bronze Aluminum Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath in your flowerbed. This charming bath and dial combination highlights two favorite hobbies at once, while its brown and bronze tones enhance the natural surroundings. Its 12.25" diameter is wonderfully sized to nestle in your garden, and a 1" wide rim holds raised Roman numerals while offering perching to your feathered friends. A narrow platform attaches to one side of the bath, mimicking a dock, and a boy figure affixes to the end of this dock, holding a fishing rod. Filling the 1.25" deep basin with water furthers the fishing motif, while creating a fun bird bath in your yard. The fishing pole forms a unique gnomon, and can be slightly adjusted to your latitude for more accurate celestial timekeeping. Crafted of aluminum, the bath remains usable and durable for many seasons, and its level base is simple to place within your flowerbed. Its deep brown color with bronze, raised accents offers shine and displays the amazing detailing on this item, and its dual purpose design is great for avid birders and gardeners. Make your landscaping a showcase of your favorite hobbies with this French Bronze Aluminum Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath. Some assembly required. Made in the USA.

Basin Dimensions: 10.125" dia. x 1.25"D
Overall Dimensions: 12.25" dia. x 6"H
Mounting: place on flat surface or pedestal mount
Construction: aluminum