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Whitehall Clipper Large Accent Weathervane, Black

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Showcase your love of all things antique using the Whitehall Clipper Large Accent Weathervane. This remarkable adornment celebrates the wind in two ways. The intricate topper mimics a clipper ship of the nineteenth century, with its three masts and multitude of sails. These ships were prized for speed, assisted by wind and the sails, and this one will always face the wind. It rests on a 24" long arrow, with its bow facing the front of the arrow. When moved by the wind, the arrow will face the originating direction, making the vessel appear as if it keeps the wind in its sails. The arrow is supported by a 19.5" long mast, for height and visibility on the piece. Four arms with directional indicators also sit on the mast, and these can be placed to properly indicate your direction. Crafted from resilient aluminum, this vane will last for several years while withstanding the elements, and its black color remains lovely. An innovative, hinged base attaches to any angle of roof equally easily, for you to place this unit on your home or barn. Bring a dramatic vessel to your inland retreat using this Clipper Large Accent Weathervane. Assembly required.

Dimensions: 24"L x 28.75"H
Mounting: roof mount
Construction: aluminum