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Whitehall Fossil Sumac Thermometer & Clock, Moss Green, 14"

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Bring the beauty and everlasting appeal of nature to your wall with the Whitehall Fossil Sumac Thermometer and Clock. This handy combination unit not only accentuates your home or yard; it also provides both the time and temperature at a glance. A sumac leaf shape occupies the center of this dramatic instrument, impressed into the unit for a fossilized look. A textured finish around this centerpiece furthers the theme, and the soft green color adds an aged look. Temperature indicators from -40° to 120° Fahrenheit arch around the leaf shape, and a gold colored needle contrasts the background and notes the current ambient temperature in moments. A smaller circle sits near the base of the thermometer, creating a clock with the numerals 12, 3, 6, and 9 around it. Smaller, rectangular impressions between the numerals indicate the other times on the clock, keeping this unit streamlined and beautiful. Two gold colored arms in the center of this clock indicate the time, ensuring it is easily visible, and the mechanism uses one included AA battery for power. The aluminum construction of this combination instrument remains hardy in any type of weather, while the finish is lovely enough to be used indoors or outside. Use the included hanger to attach this item to your wall in moments. Celebrate the power and beauty of nature while monitoring the temperature and time with this Fossil Sumac Thermometer and Clock. Made in the USA.

Temperature Range: -40° to 120° Fahrenheit
Dimensions: 14" dia.
Power: 1 AA battery (included)
Mounting: wall mount
Construction: aluminum