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Whitehall Full-Bodied Eagle Weathervane, Gold-Bronze

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Enhance the top of your home or barn with a classic wildlife sculpture using the Whitehall Full-Bodied Eagle Weathervane. This enduring adornment will certainly bring attention to your home or shed, while celebrating wildlife. A highly detailed eagle figure, complete with outstretched talons and upwardly angled wings, forms the centerpiece, and its gold and bronze colors dazzle in sunlight. This intricate sculpture sits atop a 24" long arrow, which attaches to the 17" long mast. Directional indicators on 16" long, fixed arms sit beneath the arrow on the mast, and the arrow swivels in the breeze to indicate wind direction. Two gold hued orbs also adorn the mast, adding shape and classic design to the piece. Its all aluminum construction remains hardy throughout the seasons, and its innovative base secures to any pitch of roof easily. Celebrate a majestic symbol with this Full-Bodied Eagle Weathervane. Assembly required.

Dimensions: 24"L x 26"H
Mounting: roof mount
Construction: aluminum