Whitehall Products

Whitehall Horse Accent Weathervane, Black

Bring exciting movement to your home with the Whitehall Horse Accent Weathervane. Adding a weathervane to your barn, farmhouse, or shed will certainly lend it antique charm, and this unit enhances the pastoral feel. A realistic sculpture of a trotting horse creates an active appearance, furthered by its ruffled mane and uplifted tail. This horse shape stands on an 18" long arrow, with a significant head and tail. This arrow and the topper securely attach to a 13.5" tall mast, and move freely in wind to indicate its direction. Additional horizontal rods attach to the mast, each holding a directional for accuracy and design. The black color throughout the piece keeps it timeless, and the innovative base can mount to virtually any roof with ease. Its hardy, aluminum construction makes it perfect for outdoor use, withstanding the elements. Add a show horse to your barn with this Horse Accent Weathervane. Assembly required.

Dimensions: 18"L x 20.5"H
Mounting: roof mount
Construction: aluminum