Whitehall Products

Whitehall Ivy Silhouette Thermometer, French Bronze, 12" dia

Old world charm abounds with the Whitehall Ivy Silhouette Thermometer. Large numerals line the outer circle, while an inner circle marks the temperature. Ivy seems to climb and curl between the two pieces, joining them into one. The numerals range from -60° to 140° Fahrenheit, and a significant needle points to the current temperature. The ivy leaves and branches show captivating detail, and the recycled aluminum casting makes the Whitehall Ivy Silhouette Thermometer durable and appropriate for indoor or outdoor use. This thermometer may be mounted to a wall with the included metal hook. Made in the USA.

Temperature Range: -60° to 140° Fahrenheit
Dimensions: 12" dia.
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: recycled aluminum