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Whitehall Lighthouse Accent Weathervane, Black

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Guide visitor's gazes to the top of your roof by placing this Whitehall Lighthouse Accent Weathervane on it. Placing this aluminum accent atop your garage or barn brings a nautical element to the setting, while the black finish contrasts the blue sky. A familiar lighthouse silhouette creates the focal point, raised lines on it adding striking detail to the piece. Upright wave shapes at the base perfectly mimic water, and this piece sits on the 23.5" long arrow. Solid fletching and an open tip lend dimension to this arrow, which attaches to the included mast and swivels easily in a breeze to form a working instrument. Place the directional indicators properly on the mast, so you can correctly identify the wind direction at a glance. Made from aluminum, this piece provides many seasons of service, and its versatile base makes it simple to attach to a bevy of roof pitches. Place a navigational icon atop your home with this Lighthouse Accent Weathervane. Assembly required.

Dimensions: 23.5"L x 15.5"W x 31.75"H
Mounting: roof mount
Construction: aluminum