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Whitehall Palm Tree Thermometer, French Bronze, 16" dia.

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Place a spectacular and precise ode to the beach in your home or on your outdoor wall using this Whitehall French Bronze Palm Tree Thermometer. This generous, 16" diameter unit captures attention with ease, highlighted by its luxurious, centered palm tree design and enduring color combination. Temperature demarcations adorn the outer border of this significant instrument, allowing you to track the temperature from -20° to 100° Fahrenheit. The lighter bronze accents of this unit's raised numerals stand out against the dark bronze body, while the textured background lends a vintage element to the seaside motif. A brilliant, golden colored needle points to the correct temperature, helping you check the weather while showcasing stylish coastal ​décor. Its durable, aluminum construction provides lasting appeal, and included mounting hardware offers you versatility in placing the item against an indoor or outdoor wall. Bring the classic enchantment of the shore to your garden or home with the French Bronze Palm Tree Thermometer. Made in the USA.

Temperature Range: -20° to 100° Fahrenheit
Dimensions: 16" dia.
Mounting: wall mount
Construction: aluminum