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Whitehall Rooster Traditional Weathervane, Gold-Bronze

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Top your home or barn with a classic farmyard accent using the Whitehall Rooster Traditional Weathervane. The easily recognizable shape and active pose on this adornment will certainly lend style and fun to your house. The rooster topper has an arched tail and slightly uplifted head, as if he is preparing for his morning routine. Detailing throughout the body, such as a raised crest and textured feathers, lend dimension to this topper, which rests on a 33.5" long arrow. A 24" tall, aluminum mast supports this arrow, and also accommodates the directional arms and two decorative orbs. Place these directional markers precisely on the mast, and the arrow will indicate wind direction with ease. The gold color of the rooster and orbs creates a classic color scheme, and the aluminum construction withstands the elements. Use the flexible base to mount this item to virtually any roof in moments. Add a rustic element to your home with this Rooster Traditional Weathervane. Assembly required.

Dimensions: 33.5"L x 46"H
Mounting: roof mount
Construction: aluminum