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Whitehall Tendril Hose Holder, Oil Rub Bronze

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Allow delicate vines to keep your garden hose tidy using the Whitehall Tendril Hose Holder. The curving lines, dramatic color, and open framework of this holder bring an exciting look to your garden, while keeping your hose accessible and free of kinks. Sturdy, aluminum rods curl together and then apart, evoking tendrils on a plant. Small, thicker ends on the rods hint at leaves, for added realism. The dark bronze color mimics bark, while lighter flecks throughout it reflect the sun. A metal back plate connects to your wall in moments, and three support tubes attach to this. These tubes help extend the faceplate outward from your wall, and create a place to wrap your garden hose. Made from aluminum, the holder will surely withstand use and become one of your favorite garden tools. Keep your garden hose neat and celebrate new plant growth with this Tendril Hose Holder. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 23"L x 6.5"D x 8.25"H
Capacity: up to 100' of garden hose
Mounting: wall mount
Construction: aluminum