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Whitehall Tree of Life Thermometer, French Bronze, 16" dia.

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Know when it is warm enough to plant your flowers and shrubs using this Whitehall French Bronze Tree of Life Thermometer. This traditional, aluminum thermometer is perfectly suited for use indoors or outside, and its raised, central tree adornment enhances its classic appeal. The textured trunk handily supports a bevy of branch and leaf figures, the lighter bronze and gold hints on these elevated sections contrasting the dark bronze background. Numerals encircle this tree to form the dial thermometer, and an ornate, gold colored needle completes the unit. Raised, horizontal dashes rest above the numerals, providing precise temperature demarcations in Fahrenheit, and the attached hardware makes it simple to place against a wall. The varied bronze tones add an aged effect to any setting, and the aluminum body offers versatility in placing it. Cultivate natural style on your kitchen or garden wall with help from this French Bronze Tree of Life Thermometer. Made in the USA.

Temperature Range: -20° to 110° Fahrenheit
Dimensions: 16" dia.
Mounting: wall mount
Construction: aluminum