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Whitehall Yacht Traditional Weathervane, Copper Verdi

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Add a luxurious look and celebrate wind power at once by placing this Whitehall Yacht Traditional Weathervane on your roof. Three extended sail figures, a center mast, and a sleek hull shape combine here to create a realistic yacht form, each section sporting amazing detail to capture attention. This soft verdigris colored topper sits on a 33" long arrow, which has an open tip for a light and fun look. The arrow secures to a 24" tall mast, designed to connect easily to your home or barn with its versatile base. Two verdigris orbs, a larger one near the base and a smaller one near the top, flank the directionals on the item for added design. These directional markers along the mast can be oriented to align properly, so the arrow can accurately indicate wind direction. Scrolling rods beneath the arrow and directionals further the elegant look, and the copper colored accents beneath the verdigris detailing complete the unit. Made from durable aluminum, this instrument will handily withstand the elements for many seasons of service. Top your home or barn with a magnificent accent using this Yacht Traditional Weathervane. Assembly required.

Note: As the finish is hand applied, individual items may vary.

Dimensions: 19.25"L x 33"W x 43.75"H
Mounting: roof mount
Construction: aluminum