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Wild Bird Lover's Aluminum Pole for 8 Gourds, 4 Over 4

Build a haven for martins in your open area with this Wild Bird Lover's 4 Over 4 Aluminum Pole for 8 Gourds. Placing a gourd rack in your garden invites migratory martins to roost in the area, helping scouts and juveniles establish a new colony or increasing nesting sites in an existing one. The 4 sections of this striking, aluminum pole connect together easily thanks to swaged ends, while an included ground socket provides stability and anchors the unit. Predrilled holes on the top section accommodate the included, 20" long rods, and these are oriented in dual X designs for holding up to 8 gourds (not included) with ease. Rubber washers keep these rods snugly in place within the pole, and additional washers and pins place the gourds at the end of each arm for plenty of flight clearance. A plastic cap covers the pole, preventing rain from pooling inside it, while the all aluminum body will not rust. The plastic socket also withstands use for several seasons, and allows you to remove the pole from the yard for maintenance, mowing, and during winter once the birds have migrated. The lightweight aluminum body makes the pole easy to assemble and maneuver, and its gray tone offers a traditional look. Turn existing purple martin gourds into a new colony by placing them on this 4 Over 4 Aluminum Pole for 8 Gourds. Assembly required.

Package Contents: 4 pole sections, 4 hanging rods, 1 ground socket, and hardware
Capacity: 8 gourds (not included)
Dimensions: 20"L x 20"W x 14'H overall
Mounting: place socket in ground, place pole in socket
Construction: aluminum, plastic