Wildlife Sciences

Wildlife Sciences Peanut Blend Suet Balls, 6 Packs of 4

Add two of wild birds' favorite foods to your backyard at once with these Wildlife Sciences Peanut Blend Suet Balls. This formed mixture of rendered beef fat, peanut pieces, and cracked corn can certainly entice a wealth of birds to feed in your garden, while allowing you to offer peanuts in a tidy way. Each orb may be placed in your existing suet ball feeder (not included), or can be added to a platform for more birds to enjoy it. This feed helps birds maintain their high energy levels, and is particularly great for use in cold months, when insects or other food options are scarce. Invite a wealth of birds to dine on their favorite snacks with these Peanut Blend Suet Balls. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains six 4-packs of Wildlife Sciences Peanut Blend Suet Balls.

Birds that enjoy this suet:
  • bluebirds, chickadees, crows, flickers, grackles, jays, kinglets, mockingbirds, nuthatches, orioles, starlings, tanagers, titmice, towhees, warblers, woodpeckers, and wrens
Feeder Options: suet ball feeders, platform feeders, and tray feeders
Weight: 4 oz. each sphere
Dimensions: 2" dia.