A Wing and A Prayer

Wing & A Prayer Sycamore Bird House, Cobalt Blue Roof

Provide lasting protection and shelter for two small songbird families by adding this Wing and A Prayer Sycamore Bird House with Cobalt Blue Roof to your backyard sanctuary. The bright color scheme and contemporary materials combine to form a durable nesting site, while creating a bold statement in your landscaping. The white, hexagonal PVC body has plenty of room for two avian families, and dual, 1.5" diameter entry holes on opposite sides of the shelter provide passage to wrens and chickadees. A deep blue, metal plate surrounds each entry hole, preventing woodpeckers and other birds from enlarging them, and each rests near the roof for a deep nesting area. The hexagonal, PVC roof keeps the interior dry and warm for your feathered friends, and its classic blue finish and metal tines lend extra angles and visual interest. An extended, bottom platform creates perching area, and the top, wooden finial brings height to the unit. This topper can also be removed for seasonal nest checks, and its white color matches that of the shelter. Slide the bottom mounting collar over a true 4" square post for a convenient and lasting display. The PVC body and roof ensure style and longevity, without peeling, rotting, or delaminating from exposure to the elements. Bring a bit of divine style and vivid colors to your bird garden with this Sycamore Bird House with Cobalt Blue Roof. Made in the USA.

Openings: 1.5" dia.
Dimensions: 9.75"L x 11.25"W hexagonal base x 19.75"H
Mounting: mount on 4" x 4" post
Construction: PVC, metal, wood