Woodlink 2-Piece Torpedo Baffle, Black, 6.25" dia.

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Protect pole-mounted birding items from squirrels and other animals with this Woodlink 2-Piece Black Torpedo Baffle. This lengthy, torpedo style baffle slides easily over your existing 0.5" to 1.375" diameter pole or shepherd hook, and locks in place with included couplers. Unlike traditional, single piece baffles, the innovative 2-piece design of this item allows for placement on a standard shepherd's hook. The baffle's durable steel construction and black, powder-coated and textured finish keep it protected from the elements and local wildlife while still offering plenty of strength. This piece creates a physical barrier between the ground and your birding item and is sized for preventing squirrels and other critters from reaching the house or feeder. Stave off squirrels by protecting your pole and shepherd hook-mounted outdoor accents with this 2-Piece Black Torpedo Baffle.

Dimensions: 6.25" dia. x 15.5"H
Mounting: pole mount
Construction: steel