Woodlink Patriotic Bluebird House

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Bring your love of country to the forefront of your landscaping using this Woodlink Patriotic Bluebird House. Vivid red, crisp white, and navy blue paint throughout this wooden shelter perfectly evokes the flag, while the unit fantastically meets a bluebird's roosting needs. Vertical, red and white stripes on the two side panels further the flag motif, while a navy blue, lapped roof and three-dimensional star complete the effect. The roof overhangs the 1.5" diameter entry hole, which provides bluebirds convenient passage into the home. The front panel lifts upward for nest checks or cleaning, and the 0.625" thick wood keeps the interior warm for nestlings. A gap beneath the roof overhang aids in ventilating the roost, and openings in the base corners offer drainage. Predrilled holes on the extended back panel allow you to place the unit on a post or wall, or its flat base can be pole mounted using an adapter (not included). The bright, familiar hues capture attention when placed in your yard, while the wooden construction forms a hardy shelter. Bring a glorious motif to your bird garden using this Patriotic Bluebird House.

Opening: 1.5" dia.
Dimensions: 6.75"L x 6.125"W x 12.5"H
Mounting: wall, pole, or post mount
Construction: wood